Here are some frequently asked questions about our mission trips:

  • How can I be a part of a team? Contact us either by phone or e-mail.
  • How much will it cost me? The typical cost is: airfare (price varies – check with, food and lodging ($300.00), passport ($80.00 – if you don’t already have one) and a visa bought in the country ($10.00).
  • How often do you go to Haiti? MMM usually visits Haiti two times per year and occasionally three times per year.
  • How long have you been going to Haiti? We have been going to Haiti for 17 years.
  • Do I need a passport and/or visa? Yes, you will need a passport (visit – for more info). You will get a visa at the airport in the country for $10.00.
  • Do I have to be a medical-oriented person to attend? No, we are always in need of cooks and helpers on every trip.
  • Do I need to know French? No, we use translators to communicate.
  • How long is a trip? Most of our trips are one week long. We leave on a Saturday, and we return the following Saturday.
  • Where do you stay in Haiti? We stay on the Double Harvest Missions Clinic property, directly above the clinic that we operate in. There is a 12 foot wall around the clinic, as well as armed security guards during the night.
  • Is it safe to drink the water while in Haiti? At the mission compound it is safe to drink the water out of the faucet. We do not recommend drinking it at other places.
  • Do I need vaccinations or medications for the trip? Yes, please visit the CDC website or your local health department to get their recommendations.

Got a question we didn’t answer? Contact us by phone or email and we’d be more than happy to answer.