Manhattan Medical Missions (MMM) is an organization that provides surgical services to the poorest of the poor in developing countries around the world. We provide medical and surgical care to those in need, specifically in impoverished countries. We have been going to Haiti over the past 17 years, but we also have worked in several African countries.

Teams consisting of surgeons, nurses and community members from the Manhattan, Kansas area have been going to Double Harvest Mission Clinic in Croix des Bouquet, Haiti, several times each year. In these trips, surgeons work from early morning until late at night performing 75 to 100 surgeries each week. Every team is composed of approximately 20 volunteers. Within each team, individual volunteers may have a wide variety of duties – ranging from cooking and cleaning for the medical professionals to upgrades and repairs on the clinic.

Whether it’s a small lesion or a large, life-saving procedure, all surgeries are conducted in the clinic. Depending on the surgeon’s specialties, total hysterectomies, large neck mass (goiters) removals, hernia repairs and mastectomies are performed. A small treatment room and a larger area for post-op care are available in the clinic where patients can stay several days, if needed. The clinic is staffed full-time with Haitian doctors and nurses. During our visits, we also help train the local medical staff.

All of the supplies needed to perform these surgeries are funded through donations from supporters like you.

While team members donate their time and expertise, each individual is responsible for their own transportation to and from the country. It is truly a mission of love and compassion.

MMM changes lives, not only Haiti, but in the U.S. Participants on these teams are never the same after seeing and serving the impoverished, but beautiful, people of Haiti.